About Us





Durable Beauty

GemCore is a floor come true, offering what you’ve always wanted in flooring: the beauty of hardwood without the worry. GemCore offers durability and resilience, it is waterproof, kid proof and pet proof. Want more proof? At GemCore, we utilize cutting edge technology to create industry leading vinyl tile, stone composite and waterproof flooring products. Our flooring is built to last with the beautiful look and feel of hardwood, but without the worry and maintenance required for real wood and stone. It’s the practical way to elevate any space in your home or business where natural flooring would traditionally not perform well. And best of all, it’s all yours for an exceptional value. No matter the space or the environment, GemCore offers the right combination of beauty and durability to give you years of real good memories.



GemCore is proud to be a part of the Galleher family of companies. Galleher, founded in 1938, is an industry leader in the design and distribution of floor covering products for both residential and commercial applications. Galleher is one of the largest wholesale flooring distributors in North America, and oversees manufacturing overseas with dedicated staff at factories throughout the world to ensure quality.